Digital Premium Progressive Lenses

Branchburg Eye PhysiciansDigital lenses are designed to restore sharper focus and smooth transition from one field of view to another. This premium style is said to be the closest to natural vision. Premium lenses significantly reduce distortions and aberrations that can occur in generic progressive lenses. This technology is recommended so patients can have the best experience with a progressive lens.

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating

These lenses reduces nighttime glare from headlights, taillights and streetlights for safe driving. This coating fights reflections from computers and overhead lights that cause unwanted eyestrain and fatigue. Premium Anti-Reflective lenses have double sided scratch protection that keeps your lenses clean and clear longer and better than uncoated lenses. You will clearly see the difference both functionally and cosmetically.

Polarized Sunglass Lenses

Polarized Sunglass Lenses eliminate dangerous sun glare for greater driving safety, which regular sunglass lenses do not provide. Polarized lenses have 100% UVA/UVB protection for greater eye health and prevention of potential vision damage. For greater clarity, truer color perception and total comfort, polarized lenses help you enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors like never before. Once you experience polarized lenses, it will be difficult to settle for less ever again.

Transition Lenses

These lenses automatically adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors quickly and conveniently. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, or in between, Transition lenses shade your eyes comfortably. The permanent 100% UVA and UVB blocker means your eyes are always protected. Transitions has expanded its options for the eyeglass patient as Transitions has launched its 7th generation. This technology now includes Transitions Xtra Active and Vantage (polarized). For more information, ask our optician.

Computer/Office Lenses

At Branchburg Eye Physicians, this style of eye glass lens is in high demand. These lenses are designed for the patient who spends many hours in the office, at their desk, or in front of the computer. Computer/Office lenses make your job easier by giving you a wide viewing area for close work resulting in greater comfort and less eye strain, headaches and fatigue. Computer lenses are well worth the investment as a second pair of glasses. In the year 2016, this is a very practical lens design that can help reduce visual stress from the daily demands from life and work.