Dr. Sohmer’s

Kenette K. Sohmer, MD

At Branchburg Eye Physicians, we are proud to offer the services of experienced and recognized staff including Dr. Kenette K. Sohmer, a board certified licensed ophthalmologist. Dr. Sohmer founded Branchburg Eye Physicians in 1977 and has been serving the community as an ophthalmologist for many years. Dr. Sohmer has received recognition and awards from various groups including New Eyes for the Needy and the Hunterdon Hills Lions Club for her work as an eye doctor. Dr. Sohmer has given of her own time by teaching medical students about eye pathology right here at Branchburg Eye Physicians with the help of volunteer patients.

Dr. Sohmer has actively pursued continuing education stay on the cutting edge of ophthalmology. Dr. Sohmer has performed thousands of cataract surgeries and utilizes the latest techniques. She is certified in the femtosecond laser, allowing her to offer her patients laser assisted cataract surgery. These modern techniques include small incision and no stitch aspheric implants that result in better vision and faster recovery.

Dr. Sohmer’s experience as an ophthalmologist, results in thorough, comprehensive eye exams including the diagnosis, management, and treatment of eye disease, as well as some in office surgical and laser procedures. Her gentle nature makes even the most nervous patient relaxed, and patients can be confident that the health of their eyes is a priority to Dr. Sohmer.